IS413 Assignment 2

After reading the below article, “Critical Need to Secure the Web”, has your opinion changed towards securing a web eCommerce server? Why?

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7 responses to “IS413 Assignment 2

  • Catherine Childs

    After reading the article I wouldn’t change my opinion towards securing a web eCommerce server because even though E-commerce web sites often hold valuable information such as(credit card numbers or other private, personal data) and conduct business, and are thus placed at a high-risk position.Having recognized a web site is in the high-risk zone, we must consider the different types of security hazards:
    · Denial of Service (including distributed).
    · Defacement (the replacement of content on a web site, indicating it has been hacked).
    · Data Theft.
    · Fraud (data manipulation or actual theft).

    While any of these attacks might cause revenue lose, the method of defense against each is different. Since there is no global security solution that can provide the full defensive spectrum an e-commerce web site requires, it has become extremely difficult for one to choose the right line of defense. However, security is a product that comes with a price tag. At first, this might be very obvious since products such as firewall and anti-virus have known pricing. Although, the costs of on-going security, software-security updates, new web-site technologies etc, cannot be calculated during initial installation planning. Eventually the web site owner will have to
    decide what level of security will be provided, while considering the current risks and costs involved. There is never enough

  • Mylo Collier

    No I wouldn’t change my opinion about securing a web server. I am aware of growing dangers of the web and even though I secure my server as tight as i could the reality is that it would never be enough. Since There has been an enormous increase in malicious Web-borne content, including user generated content posted to traditionally good Web sites, email messages that contain links to dangerous or newly compromised Web sites, attachments that are little more than stage-one downloaders of other malicious code from the Web, malware that installs and opens a communication channel to the attacking source, and other exploits. We can be sure that higher levels of security will be needed to defend against these intruders.

  • Ryan Brown

    No, it is fairly obvious that the web today is a dangerous place. The only way to completely secure a system is to take it offline (which is counter-intuitive for an eCommerce server).

    Like Mylo was saying, we can try to make a server as secure as it can possibly be (according to internet best practices, ISO recommendations, and other regulations like HIPAA) but it will never be 100% completely secure.

    As long as we understand that, we at least have a good foundation to start with.

  • Nolan Oribello

    Security on an eCommerce web server has always been of invaluable importance, in my opinion; and reading the article “Critical Need to Secure the Web” has only reinforced it. The web has become more than just “the information superhighway,” and has evolved into an online community for businesses and corporations. The amount of internet traffic to social sites, be it LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, on the corporate network presents very real dangers, such as opportunities for SQL injection exploits. Not only must we be careful of the malware that we pick up, but our account privacy on these sites may also be compromised. In terms of eCommerce, private/sensitive information is of utmost importance, and securing information to HIPAA and ISO standards on web servers is crucial.

  • Corey Maurer

    It doesn’t change my opinions about securing an eCommerce Server. The document served to reinforce the idea the the internet is a dangerous place, and that we have to do what we can to keep up with it. We will never be able to guard against every attack that could be executed, but we can try and protect against as many as we can.

  • Courtland Richardson

    I do not think my opinion of web server security has changed as a result of reading “Critical Need to Secure the Web”. The article outlines the various components that create a traditional e-Commerce environment, as well as the security measures taken to harden production hardware. The reading is basically drafting the requirements of a reliable e-Commerce service provider while hosting data about the reality of secure and authorized network transmission.

    Furthermore, I have began to visualize the scope of web traffic and server maintenance, while providing client access to a secure web gateway, cloud-based systems and the process taken toward client and service provider success. Access to desktop and mobile web apps, secure software downloads and limited malware leaks is an observed cruciality and requirement of a fledgling e-Commerce mission statement.

  • Tyler Manuel

    Securing a eCommerce server to best of any ability is all you can do and even then it will be attacked and have vulnerabilities. So no matter what you do there will always be someone who will attack the server the best practice is to keep up with the server and check it on a regular basis. So no there really is no need to secure a eCommerce server.

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