Is it possible for IT guys to have a good day?

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6 responses to “Is it possible for IT guys to have a good day?

  • Catherine Childs

    I think that it is possible for IT guys to have a good day after watching the video because as the video starts out Ray who was an IT manager who was having a bad day for a number of reasons:

    The first being that his budget was cut which meant that he had to let peopl go while the data kept building up and he saw that so many people need help which meant that he couldn’t get home to his wife and kid.

    Ray gets a phone call one day from Hitachi Data Systems and they arranged a meeting. They seemed to know what Ray was talking about and they also used cool words like ‘virtualistion and tiered storage, which made Ray feel clever, They decided to show Ray an even cooler tool which would help him understand his storage costs which would help him talk to his CFO and etc.

    After all of this Ray received less phone calls and he was able to save his boss money. One thing that I can say about Ray is that he didn’t mind who took the credit for his work.Overall I enjoyed the watching the video.

  • Tyler Manuel

    Yeah IT guys can have a good day, mostly on days that people don’t have a lot of problems going on in the systems they are running. If they run a tight ship where everything is running smoothly than they should have a lot of good days. If they have good working relationships with the customer(other employees) than they should have good days also.

  • Samphuppuora Ath

    Ofcourse it’s possible of IT guys to have a good day. If the system running smothly and everyone in the IT department are on top of their tasks.

  • Ryan Brown

    Every day is a good day in IT! On a more serious note, I think each day presents it’s own unique challenges and the way in which you handle them determines the type of day that you have. Obviously, if you are more optimistic by nature then you will be more likely to have a “good” day.

    Essentially what I’m saying is that it’s all subjective.

  • Courtland Richardson

    Yes, anything is possible. However, working in the IT industry does not equal happiness. Happiness should be found elsewhere. IT employees are hired to develop/maintain network transmission, not to be happy about life.

    cute video

  • Fred

    “Is it possible for IT guys to have a good day?”


    That was a waste of a good 2-3 minutes.

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