What are the most popular routing protocols for switching? Why?

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  • Matthew Dorn

    Routing Proticol- a protocol that defines a packet that can be forworded by a router.

  • Matthew Dorn

    (OSPF) Open Shortest Path First- is an abdaptive Routing protocol for Internet Protocol networks
    (IS-IS) Intermediate System to Inrermediate System- is a protocol used by network devices to determine the best route for datagrams through a packet switched network.
    (BGP) Border Gateway Protocol- is the protocol backing the core routing decisions on the internet

  • aolson112

    The primary interior routing protocols in use are RIP and OSPF. OSPF is now the most important on large networks and Internet service provider networks, but RIP is still popular for small private networks. The primary exterior routing protocol for exchanging routing information between autonomous systems is BGP (Border Gateway Protocol).

  • Timothy Brown

    Rip/RIPv2:are dynamic routing protocols used in local and wide area networks. It is classified as an interior gateway protocol, though they are considered technically obsolete they have been adapted for IPv6.

  • Matthew Hodgin

    OSPF – Goes to the shortest route to it’s destination.

    Is-Is – Best way through a network that handles a lot of packets (traffic)

  • Jason (RJ) Howell

    RIP (Routing Information Protocol) – popular on small private networks
    OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) – popular on large networks and ISPs
    BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)

  • liljohn74

    A routing protocol is a protocol that specifies how routers communicate with each other, disseminating information that enables them to select routes then any two nodes on a computer network, the choice of the route being done by routing algorithms. Each router has a priori knowledge only of networks attached to it directly. A routing protocol shares this information first among immediate neighbors, and then throughout the network. This way, routers gain knowledge of the topology of the network.

  • Tom Gosciewski

    RIP and OSPF are the most popular switching protocols.
    RIP is an interior gateway protocol and is used in wide area networks (popular with smallish networks), it is considered obsilite but there is a new version for IPv6.
    OSPF takes the shortest path to its destination which is good when sending stuff haveway around the world and in big business.

  • Elia

    OSPF- is a more popular switching protocol because of it’s ability to pull resources from other routers to direct routing to it’s ultimate destination in as short a time as possible.

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