Next Generation of Cybercrime




How to Participate in a Tweet Chat

A Tweet chat is an interactive way to use Twitter to have a conversation with others about a specific topic or idea. A moderator hosts the chat and keeps the conversation moving forward. At Manta, we are starting our own tweet chat called #MantaSMB. This chat will focus on trends, tips and advice for small business owners.


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Digital Law: Some Speculations on the Future of Legal Information Technology

The future of legal information technology in fewer than twenty pages — however attempted the implicit velocity will be enormous. It will require so fast a pace my aim can only be to identify some of the larger shapes I foresee through suggestion and illustration. Careful or detailed development are out of the question.



WinAudit Freeware v2.28.2 – PC Audit & Inventory Software

PC audit and inventory of software, licenses, security configuration, hardware, network settings…



Home Page of The Loebner Prize in Artificial Intelligence

“Alan Turing asked the question “Can a Machine Think?” He answered in the affirmative, but a central question was: “If a computer could think, how could we tell?” Turing’s suggestion was, that if the responses from the computer were indistinguishable from that of a human,the computer could be said to be thinking. This field is generally known as natural language processing.”

OnDemand Log Management – Eliminate the Burden of IT Compliance Regulations